Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CLD #891

In this weeks Parasha, the Torah brings down the Ketoret, the incense that included 11 different species that when mixed together they would have an amazing aroma that would make G-d happy. The Keli Yakar explains on the pasuk that brings down the spices that there is one spice called the Helbena (galbanum) that was really stinky.

The Keli Yakar explains that the helbena is needed in the ketoret even if it smells bad because the smelly spice resembles the poshim of Israel, the sinners and all the sinners are also a group of Israel. There is a concept of kol yisrael arevim ze la ze. This means that every Jew is responsible for his fellow Jew. Whatever action you take affects my life and vice versa. The Ketoret is coming to teach us that every Jew has a role and even those that sin against Hashem. Why? Because the sinners that do teshuva (repentance) have all their sins change into merits when the teshuva is done out of love and then they also add to the 'bag' of mitzvot in the world to make the world seem stronger in holiness and purity.

The Torah does NOT teach us to do sins in order to repent, however; if a Jew does fall then he needs to remember that there IS a way back and a way to fix the damage! Also, tip for Purim, Helbena has a numerical value of Haman to teach us that sometimes Hashem brings evil people in the world to threaten the Jews to repent and get closet to Hashem if the state of the generation is that bad.


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Video: Dancing By The Kotel

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Video: Today's Halachot


"Whoever learns a minimum of two Jewish laws everyday is granted that he will have a share in the World to Come"

Today's Halachot discuss Laws of Certain Situations during Keriyat Shema from Rav David Yosef's Halacha Berurah.



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CLD #890

This morning the students at Yeshiva Ba'alei Da'at had the privilege to sit in a class on the Parasha, Parashat Tetzaveh given by Rabbi Haim Levy. The Rabbi walked us through the beautiful teachings of the Mishkan and the clothing of the Kohen Gadol (the high priest that would walk into the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur) and how each piece of clothing atones for another major sin that occured in the desert in our travels from Egypt to the Land of Israel.

By one of the commentaries on the Torah, the Keli Yakar's beautiful commentary brings down a source to break down the reasoning of the atonement regarding one of the articles of clothing worn by the Kohen Gadol. The source is the Talmud on tractate Baba Batra and explains how the worst type of torture is to be a captive. The Gemara explains how a captive includes all the sufferings and misfortunes that exist. Being in a state of no control causes an individual to experience the most suffering.

There is a beautiful piece of Torah by Rabbi Avigdor Neventzhal shlit'a, the Senior Rabbi of the Old City. He explains before Pesakh that an individual is truly free when he is connected to the Torah and Mitzvot. However, an individual who is not is most likely under the reign of his desires and the worldly materialistic view of the world. 

Think about it:

An individual who is controlled by society needs to buy the newest smartphone, then the most luxurious car, his children need to wear the most fresh brand name clothing and he must have the most youngest-looking wife on the block or else he is no accepted. 

In a world of Torah and Mitzvot this is not the primary motivation of one's life! An individual was created in the world to overcome his physical desires and the only way to do that in a perfect path to success it through Torah and Mitzvot. There are only a few Mitzvot an individual must do on a daily basis and IT IS POSSIBLE.

You can change the world, you just need to believe in yourself!